Come installare XAMPP in CentOS

Cosa vuol dire XAMPP?

XAMPP letteralmente significa:
X = Cross Platform (Windows,MAC OSX,Solaris and Linux)
A = Apache
P = Perl

Installare XAMPP su CentOS/RHEL

Seguite i seguenti passi per una corretta installazione su CentOS/RHEL 6.5

Step 1: Download di XAMPP
Suggerisco di scaricare sempre l’ultima versione di XAMPP denominata sempre “latest stable XAMPP package for Linux.” La potete trovare sul sito ufficiale: URL.

Il tutorial è fatto scaricando come esempio la versione XAMPP package version 1.8.3-3

Si può scaricare dalla repository ufficiale di XAMPP da

Step 2: Trasferire il file sul Server

Dopo il download trasferite il pacchetto sul vostro server ,transfer the file by using scp command

In alternativa, direttamente sul Server dal Terminale, usando il comando wget per scaricarlo direttamente.

Step 3 : Give executable permission to downloaded XAMPP script
Give executable permission to downloaded XAMPP script.In our case, we have downloaded the (The file name may be different in your case depends upon latest package and architecture of Operating system)

Step 4: Run XAMPP installer script
Run the XAMPP installer script.While script is running,it will ask some question.Give the answer as per your requirement. The script will install the XAMPP stack in /opt/lampp directory. You can change this path at the time of installation.

Step 4: Allow ALL network to access XAMPP Server

I did troubleshooting after installing XAMPP,hence directly writing solution in this step.You can read about the Error and its solution from this post.

Edit the last section of file called httpd-xampp.conf.Add new line Require all granted and comment the line Require local by using # sign

Step 5 : Restart all services by using lampp script
Restart all the services by using below given command

Below given is the reference from my system

Step 6: Now open the XAMPP in Web browser

Now open the web browser and type the URL or ip-address in address bar
The XAMPP dashboard will be open


Step 7: Open phpmyadmin

To open phpmyadmin of XAMPP,simply type URL of server with /phpmyadmin in address bar

Example : Replace with your XAMPP server ip address(run ifconfig command to get your server ip)